In this story we will get to know about how to add custom cursor ona website with help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Make a div with class of .cursor or with the class of your choice :-

Add styling to class .cursor :-

This is amazing new feature of Objects and Arrays introduced in ES2020, it works on concept of Nullish Coalescing operator which was also introduced in ES2020.

In this we will get to know about the full potential of && and || logical operators. Almost 80% of developers aren’t aware of or don’t know that trick or way to short circuit with logical operators .

We mostly use logical operators only to combine boolean values but we…

Spread syntax can be used when all elements from iterables or an array need to be included in a list of some kind. we can use spread operator to basically expand an array and add new elements.

Spread operators are used when we need to write multiple values by seperated…

  • Js engine is computer program that executes js code. Every browser has it’s own js engine. but most powerful engine is Google’s V8 engine, V8 engine powers google chrome but also node.js which is javaScript runtime.
  • Any javaScript engine contains a call stack and a heap, call stack is where…

In objects we use {} curly braces to destructure. Because this is how we create objects. Then we all have to do is to provide variable names that exactly match the property names of an object we want to destructure.

Destructuring is an ES6 feature and it’s a way of unpacking values from on array, or properties from an object into separate e variables.

In other words de-structuring is to break complex data structure down into smaller data structure like a variable. …



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